Thursday, July 31, 2008

Howdy friends ~ I got a wonderful surprise today!! My stepgrandmother (Barbara Gauthier), who is one of the most sweetest, dearest people in the world, sent me a whole bunch of scarves she had. They are sooooooooo beautiful! Is is weird to say I'm kind of looking forward to losing my hair now because I'll have such fun, pretty, scarves to wear??? Barbara is a true southern lady, through and through and such a great role model. She raised a bunch of terrific daughters (5 of them!) and a talented son and unfortunately lost her husband not too long ago. The surprise gift was nice and much needed because this morning I was feeling all whiny and wimpy and it put a big smile on my face. I do not like feeling wimpy but this week I just have not been feeling that great. I was in the hospital Sunday/Monday. With the chemo I have to take my temperature daily and if it gets to 101 then I have to go to the ER for antibiotics. I can't take the normal medications I used to take... no advil, no tylenol, no aleve, no aspirin so dealing with headaches and pain is a challenge now. My chest still hurts where the port was placed. The doctor told me it would take about 3 weeks to heal and he wasn't kidding. There is a big bump out of my skin where the port is so it looks like I have some freaky tumor or something in my chest and you can see the catheter along the inside of my neck where it meets up with my jugular. Lovely...... I think I shall also wears scarves around my neck!!!! My neck and chest is becoming full of scars. My husband has a t-shirt that says "scars are just tattoos with stories". That is no doubt. I still have that lovely 5 inch long scar down my chest where I had my thymectomy surgery and chest sawed open in 2006. None of those scar creams worked on me. I just don't wear v-neck shirts anymore. C'est la vie! I wonder which is worst... no hair, scars or wrinkles??? I think I'd have to go with the wrinkles :-)
Well, my cats are insisting that I give them my undivided attention for a while so I best go. Love to all!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kelly, Thank you! I love creating custom orders! I just created a large basket for someone that wanted to pamper his girlfriend, but oopsy... i gorgot to take pics of it..

The gift tag was purchased by another etsy artist, she makes the cutest tags.

I love your beautiful dimples,you will be in my prayers for great health and happiness.


I am off to check out your blog now!

Stacey said...

Hi Kelly! What a wonderful blog--love the pictures of you with your hubby and friends. I'm a tad envious of the river rafting pic ;-) My boys have just become teenagers and white-water rafting is on our gotta-do list :)

So glad you had a pick-me-up during your rough patch. Btw, I agree with your hubby--and battle scars are signs of strength *g*

Wishing you joy and healing,

Stacey Kayne said...

Forgot to say you have beautiful children :)

The W.O.W. factor said...

You have been through a lot in your young life, but your beauty and loves in life have helped you get to where you are today!
You are truly blessed.
I love the photos, they reflect your personality...and I feel like I have known you now...
~Blessings Kelly~

my beautiful Harriet

my beautiful Harriet
This is Harriet, my sponsor child through Compassion International. She is 9 and lives in Uganda, Africa. I've been sponsoring her for about 2 years now. She just sent me this photo and said she bought the shoes and stockings in the photo with money I sent her. Please pray for her and her family.