Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year!! Christmas sure did fly by this year. I'm currently in the hospital. I've been here since Saturday. My stomach/admominal pains have been hurting and my low white blood count and anemia are acting up. One of the doctors plans to put me on water therapy. I do not like to swim but I'll tread water next to a bunch of grandmas.
I'll either get to go home tomorrow or Thursday. David brought up my laptop today so I finally have communication with the outside world.
Christmas was nice. Christmas Eve day we spent with my mom and stepdad at my step aunt's house. Then we spent Christmas Eve with David's mom, brother and his aunt/cousins. David and I went to the Christmas Eve church service at 7:30, which was beautiful! Christmas morning we drove up to my grandma's in Conroe. My dad, stepmom and brother were there. My stepmom made this fabulous gluten-free dinner that I could eat and enjoy. Even the desert was gluten-free and very yummy. Veronica also made me some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies which I loved. I wasn't feeling too great because of the running around I did for three days so we left my grandma's around 2:00 and came home. I've had a few problems here and there. We were hoping 2009 would keep me out of the hospital but so far it's not happening. As long as I'm well by the middle of February when we go on vacation.
My hair is starting to finally grow back. It's coming in slowly and very gray. I'll have to color it soon.


Kathy said...

So sorry to hear you are in the hospital. Hope you are better and back home soon.

The W.O.W. factor said...

I do hope that when you read this you are home! I hpe your 2009 gets better each day for you. I think of you often. And Hey, grey's not so bad...it's looking goood growing back!
I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Feb isn't too far away, you have a vacation to look forward to, Yippee! Hope you are going someplace warm and relaxing.

my beautiful Harriet

my beautiful Harriet
This is Harriet, my sponsor child through Compassion International. She is 9 and lives in Uganda, Africa. I've been sponsoring her for about 2 years now. She just sent me this photo and said she bought the shoes and stockings in the photo with money I sent her. Please pray for her and her family.