Friday, December 12, 2008

Who ever said "bald is beautiful" obviously was never bald. I think some woman came up with the phrase to soothe her husband's ego when he was losing his hair. Maybe men look good with no hair but women are another story. God have us hair to the end for a reason. As you can probably guess.... MY HAIR STILL IS NOT GROWING BACK and i'm getting really frustrated. I have even less hair now than in the picture on my prior post.
My internet has been down for over a week so I've not been able to post. It's like the world is ending when our internet goes down. We had to order a new modem.
Well, last month I spent a lot of time in the hospital. My stomach was really hurting bad and my white blood count was super low. I was in the hospital for about four days each time. My doctors put me on some new stomach medications and I'm feeling a little bit better. My energy is still lacking. I keep being told that it comes back slowly but my gosh... this is ridiculous.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital on a clear, liquid diet. So I imagined my chicken broth was turkey and that my jello was green bean casserole.
I'm sorry, I've got to make this posting a little more happier...... well.... my mother in law is flying in Tuesday. Lot's of cleaning to do before then. David is doing a lot of it today for me. Such a good husband. Christmas is almost here and I've done all my shopping online. Thank goodness.
The weather has been pretty cold here in Houston and we even had snow flurries the other day. Most of the day it was either snow flurries or sleet. Nothing stuck to the ground though. We never get snow in Houston so it was a nice change. I love cold weather but it makes my chest hurt where my sterum was cut open for my surgery two years ago. I can always tell when it's going to rain or when we are going to get cold weather.
I guess that's about all for now. I wish it was a happier post but just haven't been that happy lately. I thank God that I'm alive and well and in remission. I just wish He'd give me my hair and energy back soon! The good news is that thanks to all of you lovely people, I have lot's of hats and scarves to wear!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so blessed :-)


Higgins Design Studio said...

I am sorry you have been in the hospital so much lately, and that your Thanksgiving was spent there as well.
I am sending you prayers and well wishes for a Christmas spent at home.
I admire your attitude. Although things have not been ideal, you have looked at the up side.
My mother (a 9 year breast cancer survivor) has had her left arm paralized due to a rare post radiation occurance. She too has adapted to the shortcomings of her situation and made the best of life as it is.
May you enjoy a very merry Christmas with your family and friends, wherever you may be.

JBARH said...

Attitude is everything! So, I was looking through the blog (just sigend up) and for some reason one comment really stood out: something about eyebrows being tattooed. Really? didn't know you could do that. I am thinking you are missing out by having them tatooed though... what if you didn't want anyone to mess with you (I know about good days and bad days) you could pencil in angry eyebrows and then someone who was going to just come up and tell you how sorry they were might think that it would be better to wait...OR if you were in a bad mood and wanted people to come talk to you you could put happy eyebrows on and they would all walk up and say "hey what's so funny" or something like that. So you could use them in different ways or maybe even Twilight eyebrows, now what would those look like?
You are doing great Kelly. Keep eating those marshmallows and some BBQ should be coming your way soon...

my beautiful Harriet

my beautiful Harriet
This is Harriet, my sponsor child through Compassion International. She is 9 and lives in Uganda, Africa. I've been sponsoring her for about 2 years now. She just sent me this photo and said she bought the shoes and stockings in the photo with money I sent her. Please pray for her and her family.